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02.27.19 -- Patient-Centricity: Lessons Learned From A Career Inside Big Pharma

Focus On Patients
Patient-Centricity: Lessons Learned From A Career Inside (And Outside) Big Pharma
By Lori Abrams, patient engagement solutions, LLC (Bristol-Myers Squibb, retired)

Today’s clinical trial partner is tomorrow’s post-approval patient. They are the experts who can shape a program over time, be a voice during the regulatory approval process, and provide insight on what other patients hope to find in a therapy.

How An Advocacy Group Elevates The Patient Voice In Research And Clinical Trials
By Stevan W. Gibson, president and CEO, Lupus Foundation of America

There is more investment in lupus drug development than ever before, bringing renewed hope that these investments will expand our knowledge of the disease and how it’s treated. A key reason for this renewed hope is the patient voice, a factor that is even more critical in lupus because the disease impacts each person differently.

Industry Insights
Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline In Today’s Competitive Era
White Paper | By Paul Roma, Florian Quarre, and Julie Krommenhoek, Ciox Health - Life Sciences

With novel therapies being launched there is a shift in data and evidence requirements as well. How can you be sure you are keeping up with the real-world evidence demands?

Pediatric Clinical Trials: The Need For Regulation
Article | By Dr. Martine Dehlinger-Kremer, Synteract

An overview of the progress that has been made in pediatric drug development.

10 Things We’ve Learned In 10 Years Of E-Clinical Innovation: Part 3
Article | By William Mellinger, TransPerfect

Understand how relationships, experience, procrastination, support, and accessibility play a role in e-clinical innovation in the third part of this series.

Addressing Placebo Response, Therapeutic Misconceptions And Expectations
Article | By Mark Opler, Ph.D., MPH, and Gianna Capodilupo, MA, WCG

Improving outcomes in clinical trials and reducing the trend toward high placebo response across different therapeutic areas requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

Embrace New Technologies In Trial Design To Reduce Risk And Save Costs
Article | ICON Plc

Four ways to successfully guide and reshape clinical trials to meet the needs of our ever changing social, economic and regulatory climate.

Using LEAN Supply Chain Best Practices To Reduce The Risk Of Inaccurate Forecasting
Case Study | Almac Group

When one pharmaceutical sponsor was faced with unreliable demand forecasts, Almac Clinical Services helped implement a LEAN supply chain approach to ensure clinical sites received the right drug quantities needed to support all patients in a global Phase 3 trial.

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