Newsletter | July 27, 2021

07.27.21 -- Patient Centricity When Implementing Decentralized Trials

The Evolution Of Patient Engagement And eConsent In The COVID-19 Era
The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated some of the challenges associated with clinical trials, but it did fast track the adoption of decentralized trials as well as some of the associated technologies, such as the consent process, that enabled subjects to participate remotely more easily.
How Thoughtful, Strategic Design Improves The Patient Experience In Clinical Trials
When applying strategic design to clinical trial technology development, it becomes more about delivering an experience than creating a technology solution. Site staff want more time to spend one-on-one with patients, and patients want to feel comfortable about participating in the trial. Learn how a technology solution created with thoughtful, strategic design achieves both.
Empowering Medical Coders With AI To Increase Efficiency And Accuracy
Pharma companies continue to seek ways to streamline their operations, and clinical trials were a common target in 2020 due to COVID-19. As anyone involved with clinical trial operations or data management can tell you, medical coding is an often-overlooked element of the process that is ripe for improvement.
Decentralized Clinical Trials: Adapting And Transitioning
Fueled by technologies that help with everything from protocol writing and trial design to patient recruitment and trial management, trials conducted in part or entirely remotely are the new industry standard. They reduce sponsor, investigator, and patient burdens while contributing to greater data integrity and more efficient trials (in terms of both time investment and cost).
How Open Approaches And Interoperability Enable A Better Ecosystem For Clinical Trials
As pharma companies and CROs around the world continue to adapt to running trials during the pandemic, they are taking this time to reassess the status quo of their technology installations. Periods such as this can really allow you to delve deep into assessing how open or interoperable a system really is.