Source: Oracle Health Sciences

Safety teams are under enormous pressure to control ever-increasing caseloads, new sources of signal detection data, and changing regulations—all with flat budgets and resources. What if you could alleviate this pressure, while improving efficiency and strengthening compliance?

Powered by artificial intelligence, Oracle Safety Cloud provides compliant multivigilance from clinical trials through post-marketing surveillance, allowing you to manage both adverse event cases and signals faster, more accurately, and more efficiently to meet your growing needs.

Detect risks earlier, automate processes, and increase compliance with uniĆ­ied multivigilance

Oracle Safety Cloud offers the industry’s broadest platform of integrated systems and workflows to drive greater compliance and data insight while automating processes


  • Automate business processes and workflows using artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Empower users with business intelligence for scientific analysis and operational metrics
  • Detect and analyze safety signals in trial data during clinical development and post-marketing spontaneous adverse reaction data
  • Manage signals to avoid recalls, lawsuits, regulatory penalties, and inspection findings
  • Integration with Oracle Health Sciences InForm increases productivity and speeds clinical SAE reporting


  • Lower total cost of ownership, increase security, and accelerate implementations and upgrades
  • Identify safety problems and manage risk across product lifecycle
  • Simplify processes, reduce cycle times, and make in-stream decisions