Phase II, III, IV eClinical Suite: mCore

Source: Medrio

Phase II, III, IV eClinical Suite: mCore

mCore is Medrio's all Phase eClinical suite which includes CloudEDC™. It is well suited for Phase II, III, IV, in Pharma, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Animal Health studies.

Rapid Configuration
mCore supports rapid study configuration through a point-and-click study build interface. Utilize form libraries, study templates, and more to get your study live on time. Take advantage of Medrio's MasterForm and avoid building multiple versions of the same form. Create one instance, choose what variables are collected at each visit, and see vast benefits upon data export where no table merges needed.

Simple Data Entry
Simplify data entry with real-time edit checks, fully customizable form layouts, and intuitive navigation. Mobilize your site with support for iPad data entry.

Advanced Data Management & Monitoring
Utilize custom queries, real-time edit checks, customized form approval workflows all without any programming. Don't settle for a system that doesn't meet your needs. Medrio supports customized monitoring setups including Targeted SDV for risk based monitoring.

On Demand Analysis & Export
Review your data on demand at any time. Download your data to SAS, Excel, Stata, or SPSS. Visualize your data within Medrio with scatter plots, box and whisker, or track progress of critical data points between visits.