Newsletter | February 19, 2021

02.19.21 -- Post-Approval Study Solutions

Providing Real-World Data To Elevate Research

Healthcare isn’t meeting its potential in using data to advance care. Health data is siloed, locked away, and a scattered mess once available. It stops us from innovating. Health decisions are forced to be made on partial data. We need data to be analysis ready and fit-for-purpose so researchers can improve care for patients. Ciox Real World Data uses its DataFit Platform™, which pairs its tuned machine intelligence with expert human insight to extract the signal from noise allowing the researcher to have a true picture of the patient.

Transform Real-World Data Into Real-World Evidence

The increase in volume, complexity, and variety of healthcare data sources leads to viable, but unstructured, data. Cytel applies advanced analytics to turn that disorganized data into evidence.

Rare Meets Real - Unique Rare Disease Experience Partnered With Real-World Evidence Capabilities For Your Success

Worldwide Clinical Trials is uniquely experienced in the design and execution of rare disease research initiatives that embrace the evolving need for real-world evidence at all points along the drug development and commercialization continuum.

Marketing Applications

Setting the highest standards for marketing applications
A marketing application is the most critical milestone in your clinical research program. Quality applications can accelerate time to market, bring the benefit of new treatments to patients sooner, maximize research investments, and conserve patent life – demanding a partner with an insider’s understanding of the regulatory landscape and a proven track record for success.

Safety Services

Are you seeking a partner with a proactive approach to lifecycle safety management of pharmaceutical products and devices? Consider Catalyst knowing that our goal is to provide quality and compliance in all aspects of pharmacovigilance

Global Pharmacovigilance Readiness Checklist

Having a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s readiness to tackle any or all safety responsibilities is paramount. UBC has assembled this “PV readiness” checklist to enable our clients to drive internal conversations around their safety strategies, and ensure they have a partner in place to help in any or all of these important categories of a safety organization.

Intelligent Trials

Industry-leading data and advanced analytics for trial design, feasibility, and monitoring.