Newsletter | May 9, 2019

05.09.19 -- Putting Direct Data Capture To Work For You

Direct Data Capture In Clinical Trials

By eliminating paper and enabling remote monitoring, direct data capture (DDC) reduces costs and resource dependence, enabling you to work faster and increase your trial volume. This infographic describes how traditional paper processes slow down monitoring and site operations, and how DDC is empowering organizations to overcome these hurdles.

Key Findings From The EMA’s Qualification Opinion On DDC

The EMA’s qualification opinion on direct data capture (DDC) is a huge regulatory development for the clinical research industry. This white paper provides a quick understanding of the major points in the opinion, and explains how DDC improves data accuracy, monitoring, and more.

What A Closed-Loop eClinical Stack Does For Clinical Trials

In this webinar, direct data capture (DDC) experts explore the key differences between multivendor and single-vendor eClinical solutions. Which approach empowers organizations to maximize the benefits of DDC?

A Successful DDC Implementation That Any Organization Should Aspire To

Learn how a Phase I unit in Australia leverages direct data capture (DDC) to reduce paper usage by 95 percent and monitoring visits by 50 percent. This case study provides holistic insight into DDC vendor selection, implementation, and results.