Randomization And Supplies Management

Source: Oracle Health Sciences
Oracle Randomization

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management is the first—and only—RTSM solution that gives users control and reduces study-build times from weeks to days.

Clinical One

Unifying action, accelerating results. End-to-end software support for clinical trials — reimagined.

Unifying Your Clinical Development World

What if every element of your clinical trial could be managed through a single, unified, cloud-based platform?

Clinical One: Purpose-Built for the Big Picture

In bringing drugs to market, the name of the game is speed, along with maintaining quality and safety. Today, clinical operations rely on a collection of point solutions that sit in silos and work independently of each other, creating redundancy and inefficiency. The only way to make a true impact on trial efficiency is to reimagine how technology supports the entire drug development lifecycle.

The Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One cloud environment provides universal access to information that only needs to be entered once and common tools that can be used across all processes. No more silos. No more redundancy. Nothing but real, pure efficiency. This is Clinical One, unifying your development world.

Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management Cloud Service

Randomization and supply management are critical parts of any clinical trial. But traditionally, the reliance on vendors and customization has left study teams powerless and slowed overall trial efficiency.

What if you could take back control and get things done in a matter of days, instead of weeks?

Simple, fast, and intuitive, Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management Cloud Service is the first of our new Clinical One platform capabilities. It is 100 percent self-service. Everything — from initial study design and startup to mid-study changes — can be done independently, in real time, by study team members. No more reliance on programming by vendors.