Article | November 7, 2017

3 Recruitment & Retention Strategies That Can Save Your Trial

Source: UBC

Joel Roberts, Project Director, Patient & Physician Recruitment & Retention

3 Recruitment & Retention Strategies That Can Save Your Trial

Each day that a drug development program is delayed costs the sponsor $600K to $8M in potential revenue, according to Industry Standard Research. Enrollment and retention inefficiencies (see below) are the primary drivers of delays. As studies have become more complex, the burdens on the patient have increased, deterring participation. A new approach is changing that.

This new approach — with a focus on the patient — anticipates patient needs and removes the controllable barriers to trial participation.

Everyone benefits when study designs factor in the special needs of patients. The sponsor reaches enrollment targets quickly and at less cost. The patient experiences fewer difficulties during the trial and is less likely to drop out. The burdens on the site are reduced. The trial is more likely to be completed on time and at less cost. Three types of patient retention tactics can overcome a range of common barriers to clinical trial participation.