Article | August 9, 2017

Reduce The Time Needed To Implement Your Clinical Trial Management System

Source: Bioclinica

Because a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) defines and manages all the activities that span the clinical trial process, it can be resource-intensive (finances, time and human) to implement. For this and other reasons, a CTMS is often considered out of reach of small to mid-sized companies. As a result, these companies compromise with systems comprised primarily of manual processes using spreadsheets, half-built internal systems or less-than-ideal implementations, despite the recognized value of CTMS to centralize operational data and automate processes for better decisions, playing an integral role in the conduct of your trials. Consider a CTMS option with the ability for phased implementation of the full system configuration as well as it being an entry-level system that can mitigates the risk of significant investment in implementing a system that does not meet the company’s needs.