Newsletter | June 22, 2022

06.22.22 -- Reducing Risks In DCTs

Eight Technological "Must Haves" To Support Your Decentralized Clinical Trial

Over the past decade, there has been a gradual uptick in the popularity of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) — a trend that has accelerated dramatically due to COVID-19.  As you consider clinical operations platforms, explore the key features to help simplify DCT management and ensure success.

Predicting Dropout Rates In DCTs

In this case study, discover the complexity that decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) may add to patient enrollment and retention due to the lack of interaction between patient and trial personnel.

Overcoming Barriers To Embracing Data

As an industry, we are drowning in data, but is the abundance of data being effectively used? Uncover the importance of building a data-driven organization and the steps to embedding data into an organization’s identity.

How Targeted Data Verification Reduces Risk In DCTs

Gain insight into how a combination of consulting and technology enabled a CRO to reduce the time and cost of a clinical study so that the team could take quick action to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

One Simple Approach To Help Avoid An Unfavorable FDA Ruling

How can a sponsor control every aspect of the data without doing all the work themselves? The Remarque Systems platform provides a simple technological answer.