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Reducing The Time To Market With An eClinical System

Source: Medidata Solutions
Reducing The Time To Market With An eClinical System

Roughly 15 years after the inception of EDC for clinical trials, the surprising fact isn’t that more than 75 percent of new clinical trials use an EDC system. It’s that nearly 25 percent still don’t.

Are the sponsors whose studies still collect data on paper technology laggards? Hardly. Their numbers include, for example, many innovative pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device startups researching cutting-edge treatments spanning the range of therapeutic areas globally.

However, the business case for EDC in these agile life sciences companies is quite different than in global pharmaceutical companies. Large sponsors running many trials can easily justify EDC based on operational cost savings alone; treating accelerated time to market is a bonus. Emerging sponsors running only one or two studies may believe they will get less operational return on their EDC investment, or that EDC technology doesn’t matter if they are outsourcing studies to a contract research organization (CRO). But EDC can dispel these assumptions by helping CROs and clinical sponsors realize multiple benefits in any type of use-case scenario.