Webinar | June 3, 2020

Remote Consent: Adjusting To The New Normal In Clinical Trials

Preparing For eConsent - A Step By Step Guide For Site Personnel

The global pandemic has brought the need to enrol new patients quickly in COVID19-related trials and keep patient engagement high in ongoing trials, even as face-to-face interactions are limited. This presentation will review sponsor and site frequently asked questions about electronic and remote consent capabilities as they seek to consent patients in new and faster ways.

Webinar Leader

Karen Maduschke, Director of Client Engagement, IQVIA Technologies

Karen is recognized as a global expert in electronic informed consent for the healthcare industry. She has been involved with this innovative technology from its earliest inception and has been instrumental in driving the rapid growth of IQVIA’s eConsent business. Recently, Karen has led the adoption of consent authoring with IQVIA’s pioneering Clinical Document Architect software. Karen’s post graduate education is in health and intercultural communication and she has more than 25 years of experience in the field. She is a fierce advocate for patient-centricity in clinical trials and improved transparency in the informed consent process.

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