Newsletter | November 16, 2022

11.16.22 -- Replace Manual Processes With An eCSCM Platform

Streamlining Collaboration Requirements For An eClinical Supply Chain Management Platform

Discover how an eClinical supply chain management (eCSCM) platform is crucial in order to replace manual processes and provide capabilities that streamline the coordination of collaborators and the communication between them.

How Real-Time Visibility Requirements Reduces Risk In eClinical Supply Chain Management

Data integrity is a massive concern for clinical trial sponsors. When sponsors cannot trust data because it is manually transcribed from paper to system and provided after the fact, the clinical trial’s success can be at risk. This paper explores the real-time visibility requirements for an eCSCM platform.

Traceable Chain Of Custody And The Effects On eClinical Supply Chain

Biological samples from subjects are the most valuable assets that travel across the clinical trial’s supply chain. Any gap in the knowledge of the biological sample’s life cycle can make the subject non-evaluable and jeopardize overall data integrity. Delve into the traceable chain of custody requirements for an eCSCM platform.

The Importance Of Compliance In An eClinical Supply Chain Management Platform

Protocols are becoming increasingly complex, and many require multiple amendments, making protocol adherence more challenging for clinical trials. This also applies to regulatory requirements and good clinical practice (GCP) guidance. This paper discusses the compliance requirements for an eCSCM platform.

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