Custom Synthesis and API Intermediates

The SCYNEXIS process chemistry team is capable of solving the most complex chemical development issues in a fast and efficient manner. A distinguishing feature of our team is the equal balance between experienced process and analytical chemists. We are focused on developing safe, scalable processes and have an excellent track record of providing innovative solutions to drug development companies across the globe. We offer fully-integrated contract research, discovery and development services including Drug Discovery, ADMET-PK, Bioanalysis and Process Chemistry & GMP API manufacturing.

Success with SCYNEXIS
Our team is comprised of an equal balance between process and analytical chemists who work side-by-side to develop safe, scalable, efficient and cost-effective chemical processes. Our broad base of chemical development expertise includes:

  • Nucleosides
  • Chiral Resolutions
  • Asymmetric Syntheses
  • Cross-coupling Reactions
  • Stable-labeled Compounds
  • Inorganic Complexes
  • Low-Pressure Reactions
  • Natural Products
  • Hydrogenation
  • Carbohydrates
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Controlled Substances
  • Biopolymers
  • Chiral Synthesis
As of 2011, SCYNEXIS has generated more than 10 process patents for clients and enabled more than 25 IND filings. We have worked with more than 65 global clients including virtual development organizations, mid-size pharma, biotechs and Top 25 pharma companies on over 600 projects in a variety of arrangements including fixed-fee, time & materials and FTE's. In October of 2009, SCYNEXIS was inspected by FDA as part of both a general and pre-approval inspection (PAI). SCYNEXIS passed the inspections with no 483 observations.

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Brochure: SCYNEXIS Overview
SCYNEXIS Capabilities Overview

The selection of a Process Chemistry outsourcing partner is one of the most critical decisions in your drug development program. At SCYNEXIS, you gain the skill level, experience and infrastructure of a big company with the responsiveness and agility of a focused chemical development team. More than half of our team hold Ph.D.'s and we are above all else, expert problem solvers.

SCYNEXIS Process Chemistry: Customer-focused Process Research

Chemical process development is as much art as it is science and at SCYNEXIS our artistry begins with our creative chemists. At SCYNEXIS, you will find our chemical expertise is second to none. The process chemistry team provides practical solutions for complex chemical problems based upon extensive industry experience. Our average chemical development scientist has worked in the pharmaceutical or CRO business for more than 15 years. More than half of the SCYNEXIS chemical development team members hold Ph.D. degrees and our facilities are best-in-class and registered with both the FDA and DEA.

Our project managers will ensure their teams meet the most demanding timelines using the flexibility of multiple resourcing models including: Time & Materials, Fixed Bid Contracts and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) programs with dedicated resources. Our team has outstanding analytical support including in-house NMRs (GMP-compliant), multiple LC-MS systems, GC-MS, and more than 30 HPLC systems. The team consists of dedicated experts to assist in all method development, validation and impurity identification activities to accelerate your chemical development programs.

SCYNEXIS Process Chemistry & cGMP API Manufacturing: Selected Achievements

  • Reduced cost of goods (COGS) by more than 88% for a client that originally placed the initial phase of the project with a competitor, saving the client more than $72,000 per kilogram of API
  • Performed full technical transfer of a Phase 3 nucleoside campaign in six weeks from client contact to batch release
  • Rapidly scaled-up a lab-scale process from milligrams to multi-kilograms of GMP material while removing costly chromatography and lyophilization
  • Reduced 16-step synthesis to six steps with an innovative chemical development approach
  • Developed Intellectual Property (IP) for a client to produce enantiomerically pure compound by simple recrystallization


SCYNEXIS is a premier drug discovery and development company offering fully-integrated contract research and manufacturing services including Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery, In Vitro Pharmacology, ADMET-PK/Bioanalytical, Process Chemistry & cGMP API supply. SCYNEXIS is both FDA and DEA registered and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC –

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Brochure: SCYNEXIS Overview
SCYNEXIS Capabilities Overview