Edge Central Monitoring

Source: Medidata Solutions

risk-based monitoring

Edge Central Monitoring is Medidata’s risk-based monitoring application (RBM) that allows you to design and conduct any RBM program.

  • Configurable. Efficiently and compliantly reduce the amount of source document verification (SDV) conducted to any level you decide.  Medidata RBM applies cloud technology and strategic consulting services to ensure study-, site- and patient-level risks are assessed upfront and monitored centrally so issues that arise during the study are easily detected.
  • Integrated EDC. Configurable integration with Medidata’s EDC system eliminates the need for engineering or technical expertise.
  • Agile. Configured for your study’s specific data and risks, so you can select key risk indicators (KRIs) that are right for your study and use thresholds that adjust automatically as the study is ongoing.






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