Newsletter | November 17, 2022

11.17.22 -- Save Your Clinical Team By Ensuring A Modern And Optimized TMF Strategy

TMF Services Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for TMF services support but don’t know where to start, this guide can help you ask the right questions and select a partner that understands your organization, supports your goals and objectives, and assists in maintaining constant TMF inspection readiness.

Why Sponsors And CROs Are Racing To Implement A Connected eTMF-CTMS

In this webinar, Trial Interactive's clinical trial experts explore the rapid adoption of a connected CTMS-eTMF. Watch to find out why CTMS-eTMF integration has increasingly become imperative for sponsors and CROs around the world.

Best Practices For Preparing For Your TMF Inspection

Ever since the pandemic made on-site inspections challenging across most of the world, remote inspections have become vital to keeping studies moving forward. In this article, discover how remote inspections change the way we prepare for inspections and how this addresses the new challenges a remote inspection could bring.

The TMF Trifecta: Finding Balance In An Era Of Constant Change

In this article, discover TMF through the operational framework of people, process, and technology and learn how these represent the real-time interplay of the TMF stakeholders, the actions those stakeholders take, and the technology necessary for them to carry out their role successfully and efficiently.

How TMF Study Owners Can Provide Better TMF Management

Successful trial master file (TMF) management requires constant and careful attention to each process, procedure, and guideline. This ensures a TMF is completely up to date, compliant, and ready for inspection at a moment’s notice. But how can your team stay on top of both daily rigorous TMF tasks and all the other moving parts? Here’s how a TMF study owner can fill your resource gaps to ensure your TMF is always inspection ready.

The TMF Management Vendor Oversight Checklist

Whether you are new to vendor management or a seasoned pro, you need a set of fundamentals as a foundation. This TMF Management Vendor Oversight Checklist will serve as a healthy "gut check" for your vendor collaboration relationships. The list includes some additional TMF pro tips if your vendors are helping support your TMF management.