Case Study

See Up To 65% Time Savings With eSource Data Collection Methodology

Source: DATATRAK International, Inc.
eclinical data collection

By Niki Kutac, Director, Product Management, DATATRAK

As technology solutions are increasing in adoption in the clinical research industry, ways to maximize their efficiencies are being more closely considered. eSource is emerging as a possible process to remove complexities and deliver time and cost savings to studies.

In eSource studies, data is entered directly into an electronic data capture system (EDC). In comparison, paper-sourced studies record the data first on paper and later the contents are transcribed into the EDC solution. DATATRAK completed the comparison of both approaches and saw time savings of up to 65% when utilizing eSource methodology.1 Companies are turning to eSource studies when looking for a cost-effective way to run trials while preserving data integrity. Additionally, benefits of eSource studies include the ability to remote monitor real-time data and the reduction of central monitoring costs, which are in addition to the noted time savings.