Newsletter | August 23, 2019

08.23.19 -- Seven Strategies To Avoid Delays In Clinical Supply

Seven Strategies To Avoid Delays In Clinical Supply

Ensuring an adequate, timely, and quality supply of comparator product for clinical trials is critical, but clinical trial sponsors face several challenges in this endeavor. Delivery delays or under-projection of needed quantities could have a negative impact on timelines, budgets, and patients relying on new treatment options for unmet needs. In this article, learn seven strategies to help you avoid clinical supply delays.

Innovations For The Evolving Patient-Centric Clinical Trials Description
Patient centricity is far more than a buzzword in the pharmaceutical industry. Patient-centric options are also extending to clinical trial design, with sponsors considering how clinical trial materials can be formulated, packaged, and delivered in a manner that is both efficacious, stable, and convenient for patients, clinicians, and caretakers alike.
Questions You Need To Ask About Clinical Supply
The ideal time to start thinking about your clinical supply needs is before your study protocol is finalized. Clear communication is critical regardless of whether your are working in partnership with a CRO or contracting directly with a clinical supply packager. Learn how to identify as many potential challenges as possible early on to help your project run smoothly.
Clinical Supply Services

Whether you have a large, complex global study or need a small, regional solution, Catalent can reliably supply your clinical trial anywhere in the world. From Phase I to Phase III and beyond, we are the catalyst for your success. Whether you are looking for a single, tailored solution or multiple answers throughout your product’s lifecycle, we can improve the total value of your treatments — from discovery to market and beyond.