Newsletter | May 4, 2021

05.04.21 -- Solutions For Your Clinical Trial Software And Service Projects

Inspectable Mid-Term TMF Storage for Closed or Locked Studies from Your CRO

Few CROs offer compliant eTMF access after study closeout, usually transferring documents on unsecure and media such as USB drives. These Trial Master Files are difficult to review and inspect, and force sponsors to keep their own study documents separate. Sponsors had limited options for compliance with regulatory requirements – until now. PhlexTMF for Viewing bridges the compliance gap with secure, compliant, cloud-based TMF storage for closed and locked studies, including migration from the CRO TMF.

Lunexis eSource Ecosystem For Virtual Trials

All science aside, operational issues can be a huge impediment to rapid, safety-conscious, cost-effective research. Implementing a decentralized eSource platform wherever it makes sense can make a big difference — and Clinical Ink is the hands-down leader in virtual trials.

Solara Software For Optimizing Clinical Trial Design

Does your most promising statistical design lie in the uncharted shadows between suboptimal choices? Solara™ enables exponentially larger exploration of the study design space. This patent-pending, collaborative, decision-support platform reveals innovative opportunities to shorten trial duration, increase power and reduce cost.

Modernize Clinical Trial Protocol Development

IBM Study Advance is a data-driven study design and protocol development solution that enables protocol optimization by merging real-world data, AI and standard protocol template guidance in a collaborative workspace. With IBM, you can limit patient recruitment challenges and protocol amendments with study design insights and authoring team alignment.

Investigator Site Portal

IQVIA Technologies’ Investigator Site Portal offers sponsors, CROs, and sites the ability to easily and efficiently manage trials from beginning to end. It enables users to communicate effortlessly with sites, design and execute goals, provide reporting, trial metrics, and much more.

Providing Real-World Data To Elevate Research

Healthcare isn’t meeting its potential in using data to advance care. We need data to be analysis ready and fit-for-purpose so researchers can improve care for patients. Ciox Real World Data uses its DataFit Platform™, which pairs its tuned machine intelligence with expert human insight to extract the signal from noise allowing the researcher to have a true picture of the patient.

eRegulatory Software For Clinical Research Sites

Complion address the burdens of regulatory document management across the board, helping clinical research sites own and upgrade their regulatory practices while enabling better monitoring and oversight by sponsors and CROs. All with world-class technology.

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

We utilize Vault eTMF (Veeva Systems, Inc.) to provide unique and scalable solutions to maintain our clients’ eTMF with inspection-readiness practices incorporated into daily operations.

Data Security Software For Life Sciences

Locate sensitive information and unusual behaviors, encrypt files, and prevent data theft.

Streamlining Clinical Trials With A Site-First Approach

The Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) supports a new, site-first approach for streamlining clinical trial processes. The industry’s first single-instance, multi-tenant SaaS solution, Cognizant SIP provides investigators and sponsors with a single technology platform from which they can collaborate and share documents, and harmonize workflows across the clinical trial lifecycle.

eTMF - An Intro To The Florence electronic Trial Master File

Florence eTMF is designed to give you all the capabilities you need in an intuitive and flexible interface. Plus, you get remote digital connection to 7,200 research sites managing their eISF on our network, with the ability to deploy the #1 digital site workspace to all of your study sites.

ClinCard - Participant Payment Automation Software

ClinCard optimizes clinical trial performance by improving participant engagement and retention while eliminating the administrative burdens that can distract from research execution.