Article | July 31, 2019

Survey Reveals Industrywide Need To Improve Information Exchange And Accelerate Study Start-Up

Source: Veeva Systems, Inc.

By Jim Reilly

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The life sciences industry achieved a record-setting number of 59 drug approvals last year1 and the number of registered clinical trials has increased five-fold in the last 10 years.2 While innovation is accelerating, the time it takes to run a trial is no faster. There is a tremendous opportunity to make clinical research more effective as life sciences companies are taking action to speed study execution.

The industry is making progress adopting function-specific technologies to improve clinical trial execution, according to the Veeva 2019 Unified Clinical Operations Survey. Standalone applications such as EDC, eTMF, and CTMS are now utilized by the majority of sponsors and CROs. However, fragmented processes and siloed systems are still slowing trials. Issues like integrating multiple applications and reporting across different applications were highlighted by survey respondents as key challenges, reinforcing the need to move to unified systems for better visibility and faster execution.

Read more about the two areas that present a significant opportunity for change are improving information exchange among study partners and accelerating study start-up – both of these are key to driving greater efficiency and speeding trials.