Newsletter | November 1, 2022

11.01.22 -- Technology: A Top Complaint Of Clinical Sites


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Clinical Trial Technology
Top Site Complaints: Budgets, Communication, And Technology

Technology firm Greenphire conducts an annual survey to determine the trending issues that matter most to clinical sites. Last year the company asked me if there was a question that I would like to see included in their survey. I requested that Greenphire ask its survey takers about the one thing they would like sponsor companies to do for them. The sites responded.

Patient Data: The Backbone Of Your Clinical Trial

In this infographic, discover why electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs) are becoming a key part of patient data capture.

Clinical Trials And TMF 101 Learning Series

Spark a deeper and broader understanding of the world of drug development, clinical trials, regulations, the trial master file, and much more, for the industry novice as well as the guru.

DDC Is The Smarter Option For Your Clinical Studies

Learn the fundamental, crucial distinctions between direct data capture and electronic data capture that make a significant impact on clinical research workflows, data quality, and timelines.

Minimizing Hurdles For Patients During The eConsent Process

The proliferation of both patient-centric and hybrid clinical trials has created a need for more individualized, simplified, accessible processes involving trial participants.

Operationalizing Digital Health Technologies: Successes And Failures In Clinical Research

In this webinar, clinical operations leaders discuss the inherent challenges of deploying and managing DHTs and best practices to fully realize their value in clinical investigation.

The Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform Document Exchange Module

The global pandemic has compelled the life sciences industry to reimagine how to proceed with clinical research and development in an environment stymied by emergency restrictions. Explore the Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) Document Exchange Module.

LifeSphere Clinical Trial Management System

LifeSphere CTMS is an easy-to-use trial management solution that helps clinical operations teams accelerate timelines, stay organized, and reduce complexity.

eReg Overview

The Advarra eRegulatory Management System (Advarra eReg) provides integrated protocol, staff, and institution documentation to streamline regulatory processes and enhance compliance.