Newsletter | July 23, 2019

07.23.19 -- The 5 Facets Of A Patient-Centric Trial

IRT Is NOT A Commodity: Topics To Discuss With Your Vendor

Interactive response technology (IRT) solutions have been used to manage clinical trial randomization and investigational product (IP) supplies since the early 1990s. With so many different systems available, how do you decide which one is right for your study? This article will help you match system and vendor capabilities with the unique requirements of your trial.

Lessons Learned From The Clinical Trial Trenches: How To Use Patient Engagement Technology Successfully

The promises of patient engagement technologies are big, but can they be kept? It’s possible, but with so many technologies to choose from, implementations that dip into unchartered waters, and limited digital expertise in-house, it can be hard to see how their value will outweigh their risks. In this webinar, experts share the most common questions asked by study teams and discuss how to address them.

eConsent In Action: How It Works And Why Patients Appreciate It

Do you have questions regarding eConsent such as, "Can I afford it?" "What is the measured ROI?" "How does it change the ICF creation process?" "Does it work globally?" Watch this 45-minute webinar where we discuss benefits for patients, sites, and study teams, address common questions and concerns, and present a brief technology demonstration to help you make eConsent decisions for your upcoming trials.

Tools For Improving Data Quality In Dermatology Trials [eCOA]

Several aspects of dermatological symptom rating are prone to variability due to the nature and presentation of dermatological symptoms. This webinar covers these aspects and how to overcome the limitations and accurately and reliably standardize symptom assessment through rigorous clinician training.

Clinical Supply Forecasting And Planning

Clinical supply chains are well known to lag behind their commercial counterparts in sophistication and visibility. As a result, they are often managed with impulsive decisions, forecasting guesswork, and firefighting issues, which produces waste, creates delays, and adds cost. Learn more about this fully integrated, enterprisewide solution that can put you in full control of your clinical supply chain.