Newsletter | November 18, 2021

11.18.21 -- The Benefits Of Data Integration

How Data Integration Saved Time And Increased Output

An established biotechnology company needed a technology partner to support them in implementing risk-based quality management and providing greater visibility into their data. In this case study, learn a risk-based approach with data visualization and communication that dramatically increased output and time savings.

Overcoming Barriers To Embracing Data

Are we effectively using the abundance of data available in the industry today? Uncover the importance of building a data-driven organization and the steps toward embedding data into your organization’s identity.

Eight Technological "Must Haves" To Support Your Decentralized Clinical Trial

Over the past decade there has been a gradual uptick in the popularity of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) — a trend that has accelerated dramatically due to COVID-19. As you consider clinical operations platforms, explore the key features that help simplify DCT management and ensure success.

A Simple Change Delivers Faster Study Start-Up

Life sciences industry reports indicate that the early stages of study start-up take twice as long today as they did five years ago. Trials and data collection activities have grown in complexity, yet information processes are largely unchanged. Systems that combine the ease of spreadsheets with an approach designed for activity tracking and project management eliminate issues with paper-based approaches and deliver additional advantages.

It’s Time For A New Approach To Study Start-Up

Remarque Systems is the one tool you need for faster and more accurate study start-ups. The Remarque Systems Study Start-Up application increases your clinical trial launch speed and quality by improving four key areas: process optimization, rapid communication, increased visibility, and improved quality.