Newsletter | July 28, 2022

07.28.22 -- The Challenges And Opportunities Of Hybrid Clinical Trials

Unraveling Hybrid Clinical Trials: Challenges And Opportunities

This e-book examines how a hybrid trial's journey has taken place in recent years, the reasons for confidence and concern, and examines how hybrid trials may impact pharmaceutical development in the future.

Outsourcers Send A Consistent Message In Phase 2/3 CRO Selection

Through two online surveys, one focused on the Phase 1 space and another focused on the Phase 2/3 space, recent customers have evaluated the performance of 50 CROs across 20+ attributes. Find out the results in this article.

Why Are Sponsor Organizations Using More Than One CTMS Solution?

In a recent report on clinical trial management systems, explore the evolution of the eClinical market and the usage of CTMS in the outsourcing community and how it can be difficult to keep up with the requirements that sponsor organizations, CROs, and clinical trial sites have for their CTMS solutions.

Central Labs And Outsourcing: An Overview

Conducting a clinical trial is a formidable undertaking, necessitating intricate processes, challenging logistics, and scientific rigor throughout the lengthy and costly enterprise. Discover why one of the important facets of clinical trials is the collection, analysis, and reporting of specimens from participants.