Newsletter | October 25, 2022

10.25.22 -- The Cost Of DCTs: Are Your Sites Prepared?


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Clinical Trial Technology
How Is The Expense Of DCTs Impacting Clinical Trial Sites?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020, many drug developers were caught by surprise. With clinics overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients and the reluctance of some patients to venture out to those clinics, many trials faced the prospect of being delayed or canceled. Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid trials, which can take studies from the clinics to the patients, seemed to be the solution to keep things on track.

How A Remote ePRO Solution Helped Reduce Patient Burden

Discover how transitioning multiple studies from on-site to at-home assessments improved patient retention and recruitment for a global neurology program.

eConsent: The Missing Ingredient To More Engaging Clinical Trials

Electronic consent products set the stage for a better trial experience for all stakeholders, but many sites and sponsors are wary of giving up their paper-based past.

Advanced Imaging Overcomes Challenges In Immuno-Oncology Trials

This talk will review the history of immunotherapy, discuss a range of approaches currently in the clinic or in development, and explore the unique challenges that these new treatment options present in the clinical trials setting.

Televisits To Support Patient Engagement In Decentralized Clinical Trials

Discover how embedding a televisit feature directly into an eCOA app brings multiple benefits for patients and sites.

eSource Makes The eCRF Reliable, Accurate, And Timely

eSource is the bridge between the protocol and the eCRF fields. To understand why, discover what each does.

Intelligent Automation For The Trial Master File With AI-Driven Applications

Delve into how an intelligent eTMF application is an example of an in-production capability enhanced by artificial intelligence and used by over 6,000 employees across the globe in multiple languages.

Digital Medicine Society Accelerates Recruitment With eConsent

Find out how the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), an interdisciplinary professional society for digital medicine, was able to deploy an eConsent module in less than two weeks to support its remote study to assess nocturnal scratching as an endpoint for patients.

Powering A Digital Health Initiative With Streamlined Data

elluminate is a unified clinical data platform that seamlessly integrates and combines data from all sources for streamlined data review, exploration, and analytics with full governance and data lineage.  Find out why BMS selected elluminate as their clinical data workbench (CDW).

Merative™ Clinical Development

Merative Clinical Development is a unified clinical data management and acquisition platform with customizable modules that can be tailored to the unique needs of your clinical trials.

Increase A Trial's Full Potential With Connected Data And Insights

Datavant Trials is the industry’s leading end-to-end privacy-preserving tokenization and high-accuracy matching technology.

Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform Document Exchange Module

The global pandemic has compelled the life sciences industry to reimagine how to proceed with clinical research and development in an environment stymied by emergency restrictions. Explore the Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) Document Exchange Module.

East Bayes For Clinical Trial Design

East Bayes is a web-based environment for clinical trial design that blends the pace of SaaS delivery, the velocity of cloud computing, and the ease of use and robustness of all Cytel’s software products.

The inVibe Listening Platform

Listen to this participant explain the natural ease and convenience of using our Listening Platform during their study compared to traditional qualitative research methods such as moderated interviews.   

TI CTMS: A Focus On Monitoring Requirements

In this brochure, discover the planning and tracking solution for study managers and CRAs that focuses on monitoring requirements.