Newsletter | February 25, 2020

02.25.20 -- The Impact Of Digital Health On Clinical Trials

Regulatory Perspective: Digital Health Technology Tools

Digital health technology tools (DHTTs) can help capture patient experiences in real-world settings. In addition to providing richer and more comprehensive information on how patients are functioning and feeling, DHTTs can help minimize barriers to obtaining patient experience data during clinical investigations. Read how these novel approaches and tools can support regulatory decision making.

AI In Drug Discovery And Development: Emerging Technologies And Applications

A recent DIA session assembled experts from the application and research side of drug discovery. They addressed recent innovative ideas and tools within the realm of AI that could potentially shake up drug discovery as we know it, moving past generalist applications of AI to much more specific, purpose-built tools.

Califf: Digitization Will Return Humanity To Medicine

“Digitization is something that is happening to everything that we do. It’s being called the fourth industrial revolution,” explains Dr. Robert Califf, former FDA commissioner and vice chancellor for health data science at Duke Health. “And if we do it right, it will actually free up clinicians to spend more time directly with people and, when they become patients, with sick people, which is what we really want.”

Will New Technologies Accelerate Approval Of New Therapies?

Can new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, “bots,” and other digital tools, help accelerate the pace of development and approval of new therapies? This overview from a panel at DIA Europe 2019 looks at the potential impact of new technologies and necessary steps to leverage them.

Featured DIA Events


Digital Technology In Clinical Trials

March 30-31, 2020 | Boston, MA

How to best address evaluating fit-for-purpose, standardization, ethical concerns, and regulatory approaches are key issues to address in the digital era. This conference will focus on the impact of digitalization in clinical trials today, and will also explore future applications and how they may enable the clinical trials of tomorrow.



Clinical Trials and Clinical Operations Track At DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting

June 14-18, 2020 | Washington, DC

This comprehensive track covers the latest advances in clinical research and operations. Sessions cover the latest innovations in collecting clinical data, establishing efficiencies in operations, and effective integration of patient outcomes in clinical trial design.