Newsletter | December 1, 2022

12.01.22 -- The Key To A Successful Decentralized Model

Balancing Clinical Care With Digital Utility In Decentralized Clinical Trials

An effective DCT comprises all tools and methods considered holistically, chosen carefully, and applied harmoniously to increase patient recruitment and retention, leading to faster time-to-market for drug developers. These types of designs also should ensure greater patient safety, data integrity, and well-engaged physicians.

Home Trial Support: It’s Not Just Patient-Centric, It’s Good Business-Centric

When conducting clinical trials with challenging patient groups, intuitive application of DCT tools and methods, combined with compassionate treatment of both patients and their caregivers, is essential to patient enrollment and retention.

Where Patient Centricity Meets Financial Return For Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions

Decentralized trials is an umbrella term, covering a broad range of services and solutions that can be mixed and matched depending on the circumstances. With ~10% of clinical trials started between 2014 and 2022 incorporating DCT elements, why is the adoption of something that appears so beneficial not more widely accepted?

How To Build A Successful, Decentralized Clinical Trial And Avoid Common Mistakes

The process of decentralizing a clinical trial can be complicated, especially when the industry is accustomed to the “tried and true” approach. In this article, learn about the critical planning considerations needed to incorporate decentralization in your next trial.

Site Professional Support: Helping Sites Deliver DCTs

Sites need to have the resources and expertise in place to allow decentralized clinical trials to run smoothly. The Site Professional Support (SPS) service will help you and your sites function efficiently and smoothly for the duration of your study.

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