Newsletter | November 1, 2022

11.01.22 -- The Keys To Faster Trial Deployment

eSource Solutions Enable More Flexible Clinical Trials

A truly integrated eSource solution, one that includes DDC, eCOA, and eConsent, facilitates remote or decentralized clinical trials by ingesting data from multiple sources and consolidating the data into a single data set.

Real-Time, Remote Data Collection For Faster Trial Deployment

Learn how a leading pharma company rapidly deployed eSource solutions for clinical trial success. eSource facilitates real-time, immediate data availability for rapid patient status response.

DDC Is The Smarter Option For Your Clinical Studies

Direct data capture (DDC) and electronic data capture (EDC) sound the same, but there are fundamental distinctions. With DDC, there is no need to integrate with EDC — as there is no need for EDC in the first place.

The False Economy Of Paper Diaries In Clinical Trials

While paper diaries may appear cheaper, there are hidden costs that make a digital eCOA solution much more affordable in your clinical trial. Find out how these two approaches compare in terms of cost.

Just The Facts: Direct Data Capture (DDC)

As the pioneers of DDC, Clinical ink is uniquely positioned to clarify the benefits of DDC over electronic data capture (EDC).

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One eCOA Solution For All Protocol Requirements

Clinical ink offers one platform for managing and capturing study data. Improve your trial efficiency, quality, and safety by accessing our large assortment of clinical outcomes assessments for a wide range of phases and therapeutic areas.

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Deploy A Smarter eCOA With Clinical ink

Deploy a smarter, faster, simpler eCOA with Clinical ink, powered by deep outcomes science expertise across many therapeutic areas.

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