Newsletter | November 8, 2022

11.08.22 -- The Power Of The Platform: New Insights On Virtual Trial Tech


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IRT Benchmarking And Market Dynamics (4th Ed.)

This report digs into the IRT (aka randomization and trial supply management [RTSM] provider evaluation process, including which criteria are most important for choosing a provider, the role of build complexity in provider selection, and critical quality measures for IRT systems. Also included is an overview of outsourcing trends, such as the usage of PPAs, third-party outsourcing frequency by company size, and more. Preview.

Clinical Trial Technology
The Power Of The Platform: New Insights On Virtual Trial Tech

This article looks at the blossoming ecosystem and investment growth in the virtual trial space, specifically virtual trial companies that are foregoing the legacy clinical trial models and leveraging new technologies. Further, the article explores the power of the virtual trial platform and the key areas life sciences companies should consider when working with these virtual partners.

Common Challenges In Clinical Trials And How eCOA Can Solve Them

Choosing an eCOA provider can be daunting and time-consuming while adhering to the timelines and needs of your study. Learn how an eCOA solution, backed by a DCT platform, can be a benefit to your study.

A Major Cancer Institution Shares Best Practices From Its Own Experience

One leading oncology healthcare system and research institution has recently successfully implemented Cognizant SIP and shares, in this paper, its best practices around planning for and implementing Cognizant SIP given such a large footprint.

Drug Accountability And Returns Management

This white paper illustrates how sponsors are using electronic solutions for drug accountability (DA) because they recognize the significant increase in efficiency and accuracy that these methods provide.

Build Versus Buy: What’s The Best Tech Tool For Study Activation?

In the case of study activation, there are several compelling reasons that buying an appropriate purpose-built system is a better choice than taking on the challenge of building a study activation tool.

Accurately Project Demand For Investigator Sponsored Trials

Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform provides transparency into how much drug will be needed to support ISTs so you can balance a high volume of requests in relation to your ongoing study demand.

CTMS Benchmarking And Market Dynamics

ISR’s CTMS Benchmarking & Market Dynamics (3rd Ed.) aims to tackle CTMS by helping providers and sponsors better understand current trends surrounding this technology and be able to anticipate future ones.

Remarque Systems Clinical Trial Management System

Remarque Systems CTMS makes monitoring sites easier through an intuitive interface designed with clinical research associates (CRAs) in mind.