Article | April 19, 2018

The Recipe For A Perfect eTMF

Source: TransPerfect

By Michael Smyth, Division President and Corporate VP, Life Sciences Solutions, TransPerfect

The Recipe For A Perfect eTMF

Have you ever followed a recipe from a cookbook or your favorite foodie site and wowed family, friends, house guests, and/or complete strangers? Have you ever rushed through a recipe only to realize you’ve skipped steps and missed important details in the process? You probably ordered a pizza that day and spared your guests.

There are thousands of recipe books and sites because recipes work when you follow the recommended steps to a T. A recipe is just that: a list of recommendations based on the knowledge and experience of someone who took the time to figure out how to get it exactly right. If you are choosing an eTMF for your clinical studies, you need a recipe to guide your process for a predictable, successful outcome.