Newsletter | November 29, 2022

11.29.22 -- The Role Of Global Standards In DCT Technology Adoption


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Clinical Trial Technology
Trusting Digital Health Technologies: Why Global Standards Are A Must

The clinical trials industry is compelled to embrace digital transformation in its approach to patient recruitment and engagement, study design protocols, and overall trial management. But what's the crucial component to ensure its success? Global standards that help cultivate trust.

Advanced Tech Can Thwart Site Staffing Problems

In clinical research, staffing shortages can delay trials and prevent new therapies from getting to patients in need. Read why Melissa Easy, VP, clinical technologies at IQVIA, believes advanced tech may bridge this gap as she reviews tools that are proving useful to study teams.

Deliver Highly Engaging Informed Consent For Better Study Outcomes

Master protocol design trials require an endless stream of consent forms, adding time, cost, and risk to each study. A feature-rich electronic consent platform can simplify those processes and improve patient engagement along the way.

Discover The Value Your eTMF Should Deliver

A well-prepared trial master file (TMF) is critical to the success of any clinical trial. Because the TMF tells the whole story of a study – including every data point collected and decision made – managing it throughout the course of the trial is challenging.

An Interview With Dr. Albert Kim On Simulation-Guided Design

In the following interview, Cytel’s chief medical officer, Dr. Albert Kim, speaks with Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri to discuss many aspects of simulation-guided design: its abilities, its benefits, and so much more.   

State Of Digital Clinical Trials: Will Traditional EDC Exist In Ten Years?

In this episode, Richard Young, VP, strategy, Vault CDMS, and Doug Bain, chief technology officer at KCR, a CRO, discuss the role of electronic data capture (EDC) in today’s complex dynamic clinical trial landscape.

Faster Study Start-Up: How NLP Is A Game Changer In Clinical Research

In this white paper, discover how natural language processing simplifies the outdated RTSM system design process.

Harness The Power Of Sensors And Wearables

Enable patient science via mobile assessments engineered by advanced clinical, software, data, and user experience experts. Power patient outcomes with Clinical ink.

Boring Is Better With Slope

An eClinical supply chain management platform can help sponsors and research sites reduce risk, increase patient retention, and have an overall more successful clinical trial.

How Kayentis Reduces The CO2 Emissions Of Your eCOA Projects

Learn how Kayentis can reduce project CO2 emissions without impacting cost, quality, or timelines.

CRIO Reviewer

As the industry’s leading eSource provider, CRIO’s unique architecture enables a single point of data capture that embeds quality and transparency at the point of entry, which creates significant downstream efficiencies.

Medical Imaging In Early-Phase Studies

Rave imaging is changing the way the industry thinks about imaging in translational projects and early-phase clinical trials.