Newsletter | January 31, 2023

01.31.23 -- The State Of Hybrid Trials

Unraveling Hybrid Clinical Trials: Challenges And Opportunities

Hybrid trials, in which patients participate from home for some visits/activities rather than in clinical settings, have undergone rapid evolution in the past few years. Examine this evolution, the reasons for confidence and concern, and how these trials may impact pharmaceutical development in the future.

Hybrid Trials Are Here To Stay

The rapid uptake of trials in which patients participate from home has been a game-changer for continuing clinical research in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals with recent experience conducting hybrid trials were asked to share their outlook on hybrid trials’ place in the biopharmaceutical industry over the next three years.

Fast Track To Flexible Clinical Trials

There has been speculation that sponsors are shopping around for providers who can adapt quickly to current times. Hundreds of clinical development outsourcers were surveyed to share their perspectives and experiences regarding CRO selection and performance evaluation. Delve into the findings that suggest change is coming.

Market Research: Decentralized Clinical Trials Market Outlook

This report aims to help readers better understand the experience of running decentralized trials, how service providers are perceived and used, and predictions for decentralized trials over the next few years. Despite challenging aspects, respondents do not seem to consider decentralized trials as a temporary solution to be discarded after the pandemic has subsided. Learn more here.