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06.12.19 -- The Status Of mHealth In Clinical Trials: Trial And Error

Featured Editorial
The Status Of mHealth In Clinical Trials: Trial And Error
By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader

Technology has transformed our daily lives and now stands ready to disrupt and transform the way pharma companies conduct clinical trials. A study by ISR Reports attempts to determine the current status of mHealth in trials as well as make projections for its continued adoption in the future.

Talking The Talk: How AI-Informed Virtual Assistants Are Changing Clinical Development
By Scot L. Harper, Ph.D., president, SLH Group, LLC

The pharmaceutical industry as we know it today has roots that reach back to the apothecaries and pharmacies of the Middle Ages, when drug discovery largely involved sourcing plants and herbs for natural remedies and drug development and testing was an unstructured concept that relied on the hit-or-miss reactions patients experienced. Failure was arguably more common than success and, unfortunately for the patients, treatment courses often did not yield optimal results.

Industry Insights
Top 3 Reasons Why A Direct-To-Patient Clinical Trial Is Right For You
Article | By Cheryl Robinson, RPh, MS, Thermo Fisher Scientific

As the focus on precision and personalized medicine continues to increase, sponsors are looking for innovative ways to increase patient enrollment and compliance while reducing drug development timelines and costs. The direct-to-patient (DTP) model has emerged as a potential solution.

Stakeholder Collaboration Returns To The Stage At DIA 2019
Article | By Christine Morris, TransPerfect

We’re all stakeholders! In clinical research, there is a broad and diverse pool of individuals who are all working toward the same goals—quality, timely, and compliant research and, most importantly, successful patient outcomes.

Decreasing Timelines In Infectious Diseases Drug Development
Article | By Brian Murphy, M.D., and Lorie Nugent, Medpace

Nothing derails a clinical study timeline more than poor planning and not anticipating and preparing for the potential roadblocks. While you may not be able to anticipate everything, many of the risks and challenges outlined in this article can in fact be averted if you understand the landscape and prepare accordingly.

Practical Considerations For Patient-Focused Data Collection In Oncology Trials
Article | By Celeste Elash, YPrime

Read how new initiatives reinforce the importance of the patient’s voice, acknowledge the limitations of traditional approaches, and build on the lessons that emerge from each new study.

Compensating Participants In Clinical Research: Current Thinking
White Paper | By Dr. Lindsay McNair, M.D., MPH, MSB, WCG

New research on how people make decisions about research participation and new approaches to the question of payments and compensation to participants bring a new perspective. Are payments to participants actually too low?

Implementing Patient-Centric Principles In Asthma Research
White Paper | By Shann Williams, Rho

Change the perception of clinical trials by making them less burdensome for patients overall.

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