The Truth About BYOD In Clinical Trials Guidebook

Source: Exco InTouch

The Truth About BYOD In Clinical Trials Guidebook

What does BYOD mean and how can it be successfully used in clinical trials?

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The Truth About BYOD

With the use of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) becoming more prevalent, the discussion around the use of mobile technology and bring your own device (BYOD) approaches in clinical trials is gaining even more traction.

Despite this, how BYOD can be used in clinical trials is an area of confusion in the pharmaceutical industry, with varying interpretations as to how it should be applied to studies.

Exco InTouch has created a Guidebook to help clear up the confusion and reduce the fear that can often be expressed in reaction to the use of the patients’ own devices in clinical trials. This new Guidebook explains:

  • What BYOD actually means
  • Why BYOD is becoming so popular
  • What the most common objections are to its use, separating fact from fiction
  • How to get an unbiased recommendation on whether BYOD is right for your study

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