Newsletter | July 28, 2020

07.28.20 -- The Use Of Virtual Components In Clinical Trials

The Use Of Virtual Components In Clinical Trials

Some say that the use of digital technologies will enable remote patients to participate in virtual or decentralized trials, where they haven’t been able to before. This report aims to provide the foundation for an industrywide effort to define what constitutes a decentralized clinical trial, and, in turn, help remove barriers to the effective use of patient-facing technologies and digital endpoints in the future.

Navigating The Changing Clinical Trial Landscape

The only way to map a course to a better future is to understand the reality of the current landscape and what perpetuates the status quo. To do this, insight was gathered from those involved in clinical trials. The output of this research reveals the challenges and priorities that will shape the journey to the future of clinical research.

Are You Leveraging The Latest Methods, Best Practices, And Approaches In Your Protocol?

An optimally designed protocol dramatically increases the quality and reliability of efficacy and safety outcomes in your clinical trial. Consider this checklist, and if you answer “no” to any or all of the questions, it may be time to reevaluate your protocol design approach.

When Should You Incorporate Virtual Components Into Your Trial Protocols?

This Clinical Leader Live exclusive video features Katherine Vandebelt, global head of clinical innovation for Oracle, discussing when companies should begin the process of incorporating virtual trial components into their trial protocols.

Why Did Otsuka Become A Leader In Virtual Trial Adoption?

In this Clinical Leader Live exclusive video, Brian Johnson, director of applied innovation at Otsuka, discusses why Otsuka chose to become an early adopter of virtual trial technologies.