Newsletter | October 26, 2022

10.26.22 -- Tips For Eliminating Doubt In Your Bioanalytical Methods

Examining Column Reproducibility During Method Development In Clinical Labs

Examining column reproducibility during method development adds certainty that a developed method will be applicable for as long as it is needed. In this study LC-MS/MS analysis of urinary caffeine metabolites in urine was performed and showed that the HSS T3 stationary phase is reliable, as three batches made over a five-year span provided comparable results.

Performance Stability Of CORTECS 2.7 μm Columns Following Repeated Injections Of Precipitated Plasma

Chromatographic columns need to be able to tolerate repeated injections of minimally processed samples while maintaining assay performance. This technical note details the ruggedness of a chromatographic separation of a panel of synthetic cannabinoid drugs and metabolites following repeated injections of precipitated plasma.

Eliminate Doubt With Chemistry Technical Services

The Waters Chemistry Technical Service team can assist with recommending products for development methods, guidance in optimizing conditions for established methods, and troubleshooting any deviation from expected analytical outcomes. We are passionate about solving your lab’s challenges and can uncover ways your labs can be made more robust and reliable.

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Keys To Great Bioanalytical Methods

Waters' line of products can help you achieve quality bioanalytical methods. We can help you develop reliable, reproducible methods, optimize sample clean-up, reduce variability from sample to sample, and control unwanted interactions.

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Is Non-Specific Adsorption (NSA) Sabotaging Your Lab's Productivity?

Did you know that NSA can negatively impact your chromatographic peak shapes, sensitivity, and reproducibility? Did you believe the only solutions include the use of additives or lengthy passivation procedures? Waters MaxPeak Premier Columns and Solutions dramatically reduce NSA with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces, innovative technologies designed to reduce analyte loss due to analyte/surface interactions.

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