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11.02.22 -- Trends In DCT Remote Monitoring For Medication Adherence


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Webinar: Sky-High Inflation And The Great Resignation — The Impact On Clinical Site Budgeting

With inflation at its highest rate in four decades and attrition rates at clinical research sites exceeding most industries, developing fair marketing value (FMV) for investigator grants is more contentious than ever. Join IQVIA Technologies for a topical discussion on budgeting in today’s tumultuous environment.

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Trial Management
Defining Meaningful Outcomes In Gene Therapy Trials For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), the most common form of muscular dystrophy, is an X-linked recessive disease that affects approximately one in 5,000 live male births and has no curative therapy. This article discusses the limitations of classical therapeutic endpoints and how to consider novel strategies.

The Nuances Of Hematologic Oncology Clinical Trials

This paper examines the requirements for effectively and successfully conducting hematologic oncology clinical trials.

Embracing Innovation And The Future Of Clinical Studies

The industry has been forced to change, adapt, and innovate in unexpected ways, compressing digital transformation roadmaps for how clinical trials are planned and conducted. But can we maintain and continue this rapid transformation?

Plain Language Summary Requirements For Clinical Trials

Plain language summaries (PLS) of clinical trial results are a critical tool in medical communication to help disseminate summarized, easy-to-digest research information to general audiences. Here are key insights into developing an effective PLS. 

Single-Source Supply Chain Solutions For Today’s Clinical Trial Ecosystem
Marken provides a best-in-class quality management system, a global GMP depot network, direct-to/from-patient, home healthcare nursing services, and industry-leading expertise all under one single-source provider.
Why Sites Around The World Love ClinCard

We surveyed sites around the world! Hear what they have to say about how ClinCard's global capabilities have helped improve their trials.

Strategic Drug Development

Partner with a company that knows drug development, including trial design, clinical development plans, protocol writing, working with regulators,  and medical oversight of clinical trials.

Decentralized Trials
Trends In Decentralized Clinical Trial Remote Monitoring For Medication Adherence

With the implementation of real-time remote monitoring technology, pharmas will be able to do more remote studies that will allow clinical trial patients to visit sites less frequently. This will remove the burden on patients and improve patient recruitment and retention. This article focuses on the patient medication adherence market.

Delivering Clinical Trial Medications Direct-To-Patient

In recent years, the direct-to-patient model, which brings medical procedures to a patient’s home, has emerged as a solution for sponsors to increase patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials.

IRT And Direct-To-Patient Trials

Learn how IRT is used to support direct-to-patient delivery in this hybrid trial case study presentation. 

Predicting Dropout Rates In DCTs

In this case study, discover the complexity that decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) may add to patient enrollment and retention due to the lack of interaction between patient and trial personnel.

Decentralized Trials For Small And Midsize Biotechs

We understand how challenging it is to adopt a novel approach to drug development. Pivoting to virtual clinical trials is no exception.

Philips DCT+ App: Empowering Participant Retention And Compliance

Discover how PHILIPS makes at-home clinical trials easy with the DCT+ app.