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Our TrialStudio® tool enables us to design and adapt eCOA questionnaires quickly, saving you set-up time by leveraging re-use of instruments and diary components.

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TrialStudio® is an exclusive innovation that lies at the heart of our collaborative philosophy.

Not only does it enable you to design and adapt electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) questionnaires quickly, TrialStudio®  will save you all-important set-up time.

The primary features of TrialStudio®  that faciliate the rapid development of an eCOA solution for clinical trials include:

  • Reuse of standard elements from previous trials, from individual components to entire eDiary definitions
  • Following the “no coding” principle, the eCOA solution can be defined without manual coding by using visual tools, thus enabling non-technical people to take part in the design process
  • A wizard-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag and drop functionality for implementing eCOA user interfaces
  • Simulation of the eDiary so that the study team as well as other stakeholders can see how the eDiary works at any time during eCOA system development, including the possibility to advance the time of the simulation
  • Automatic localization for questions, values and GUI texts (text definitions are separate from the code and can be exported and imported for ease of translation and diary form localization)
  • Automatic creation of screen shots of the diary in all study languages for IRB/ethics submissions


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