Newsletter | October 31, 2022

10.31.22 -- Understanding The Art And Science Of CRO Selection

Understanding The Art And Science Of CRO Selection

ISR has surveyed industry decision makers to keep a finger on the pulse of how CRO selections are made and how providers have performed for their recent customers. This e-book examines the rationale behind how CROs are selected, why they are retained, and why sponsors opt for one provider or outsourcing model versus another.

2022 CRO Leadership Awards Results

Fifty CROs were evaluated on more than 20 performance metrics. Research participants were recruited from biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes and were screened for decision-making influence when it comes to working with outsourcing partners. Find out the results in this report.

Company Size And PPAs: Peeling The Layers Of Phase II/III Service Provider Selection

Service provider selection continues to evolve and grow in complexity as clinical trials do the same. Layer in factors such as company size and preferred provider agreements (PPAs) and you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed by provider options and service offerings.

Phase II/III Outsourcing Partner Selection Attributes

In the beginning of 2022, ISR surveyed 132 sponsors worldwide who outsource Phase II/III studies and asked them to identify attributes that are important to them when selecting an outsourcing partner. The research revealed that respondents valued operational excellence and therapeutic expertise highly when choosing a provider for their Phase II/III studies.