Newsletter | September 14, 2023

09.14.23 -- Unlock The Secret To Successful Study Start-Up

4 Modernized Functions Every Sponsor Needs For Study Start-Up

Sponsors frequently aim to enhance the efficiency of the study start-up process. However, this process often involves manual workflows, resulting in slow and unpredictable progress. Explore four modern tech capabilities designed to help decrease cycle times, improve processes and compliance, and mitigate site burdens.


A Checklist For Optimizing Clinical Trial Study Start-Up Activities

Study start-up is a complicated, multifaceted, and time-consuming component of the clinical research life cycle, one notoriously prone to delays. Learn how careful coordination across multiple constituencies outside and within a research organization can be the key to a successful, timely study start-up.


Expedite Study Launch: 4 Strategies To Optimize Site Activation

One of the few study timelines within the study team’s control is getting sites up and running more efficiently. Amid a million ways to go wrong, there are always opportunities to improve and optimize. This white paper will explore four strategies to execute across site selection, training, ethics review, and site initiation.


The Advantages Of Outsourcing IRB And IBC Reviews To One Partner

Navigating IBC demands can be tough for sponsors due to their unfamiliarity. For efficient gene therapy studies, aligning IBC and IRB reviews is ideal. To streamline reviews, discover how sponsors can coordinate both IBC and IRB assessments.



A Clinical Command Center For Efficient, Compliant Research

Our comprehensive study start-up solutions empower clinical research teams with efficient workflows, expert teams and services, and integrated technology to help you accelerate critical milestones and improve operational outcomes. Centralize all study start-up activities and exchange information with research sites in your clinical command center.

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Every Service You Need: GxP Auditing, Compliance, Specialized Consulting Capabilities, And Services

Advarra’s experts can work directly with your team to provide global consulting and evaluation services related to research, clinical quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and human research protection.

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