Newsletter | May 1, 2023

05.01.23 -- Using Clinical Intelligence To Accelerate Clinical Trial Results

Breaking Down Data Silos In Life Sciences

Data silos remain an ongoing challenge for life sciences companies as they can hurt data analysis and the decision-making processes within clinical organizations. Gain knowledge about the causes and consequences of data silos and receive tips on overcoming them in clinical trials.

Data Interoperability And Data Sharing: Do They Work In Practice?

Data interoperability is the name given to this vision. Data interoperability focuses on accessing and processing data from multiple sources. Both offer a way to transform clinical trial and medical affairs practices. The dream of a perfect open-data world hasn’t yet been realized — but progress is strong.

How Historical Data And Controls Improve Clinical Trials

While planning clinical trials, external data can be a valuable resource to save money and improve the effectiveness of studies and timelines. Explore the importance of historical data in clinical trials and the potential benefits it can provide for researchers and healthcare professionals.

Building Opinion Leader Relationships In A Post-Pandemic World

Through their research, teaching, conference appearances, and other contributions to professional conversations, opinion leaders influence the behavior of healthcare industry peers. Learn why it’s important to build relations with opinion leaders, as well as how to establish and maintain them.

The FDA Race And Ethnicity Diversity Plan: How It Affects Clinical Trials

Often, far fewer minority racial and ethnic groups appear in clinical trials than in the patient population. Consider these steps when creating a more inclusive environment and how enrolling participants from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations can make cancer care more equitable.

TA Scan: Enhancing Strategies with Advanced Analytics And Machine Learning

Start making data-driven decisions for your clinical trial workflows. With TA Scan, you'll have the ability to analyze, measure, and rank trial and site data, including KOL and PI experience and involvement.

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