Newsletter | May 28, 2020

05.28.20 -- Virtual Trial Toolkit Minimizes Clinical Trial Disruption

Reducing Site Workload For Better, Faster, Safer Clinical Trials

Life sciences companies are under increasing pressure to execute clinical trials faster with higher quality. Read survey results that show that as eSource platform adoption increased, study teams began to see an improvement in data quality, operational efficiency, and ease of use compared to traditional paper and electronic data capture (EDC) methods.

Successful BYOD In Any Phase

While there has typically been hesitance among sponsors and CROs to choose a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model for their study, there is an increasing number of trials that have successfully deployed this model with great results. Read more about the advantages and misconceptions of BYOD and what you should consider if you are deciding whether BYOD is an option for your study.

Approach Your Risk-Based Monitoring Strategy With Confidence

As the size, number, and complexity of clinical trials continue to grow, the standard approach to monitoring has become costly and is no longer realistic. Implementing a risk-based monitoring (RBM) strategy at your organization does not need to be complicated. This article outlines several key strategies that will allow you to confidently develop an effective RBM approach in your clinical research program.