Newsletter | November 17, 2020

11.17.20 -- Virtualizing Clinical Trials With Direct To Patient Solutions

About Trial Virtualization

Virtual(ized) clinical trials, also known as hybrid trials, decentralized trials, remote trials, and direct-to-patient trials, is a relatively new method of conducting clinical trials by which parts or all of the trial happen outside of a traditional physical clinic or trial site. This article addresses some frequently asked questions about virtualized clinical trials including key considerations, sponsor requirements, patient recruitment, and regulatory concerns.

Enabling Clinical Trial Continuity With Live Video Visits

This podcast discusses the challenges and opportunities when using virtualizing technologies in clinical trials. Hear about the lessons learned from the use of live video visits to enable clinical trial continuity along with the possibility of hybrid trials becoming the new normal for the near future.

The Ultimate Guide To Trial Virtualization: CRO Edition

COVID-19 continues to drive profound disruptions in clinical trials. CROs are called upon to deliver rapid responses to unprecedented numbers of deviations across sites and patients. CROs invested in technologies delivering a broad continuum of virtualization solutions are best positioned to respond to sponsors’ urgent requirements. This e-book outlines four steps designed to start, scale, and accelerate a CRO's virtualization journey.

Your Path To Trial Virtualization: Sponsor Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic drove 45 percent of clinical trial sites to transition patients from in-person to remote visits using virtual trial solutions. The need for a rapid response is creating new opportunities for sponsors to fundamentally evolve their technology strategy and leap into the next generation of clinical trials, far beyond COVID-19. This e-book provides eight parameters to help sponsors optimize their path to virtualization across key site- and patient-centric capabilities.

Behind The ADAPTABLE Study, The Largest Decentralized Clinical Trial To Date

The goal of the ADAPTABLE (aspirin dosing: a patient-centric trial assessing benefits and long-term effectiveness) study is to determine the dosage of aspirin that most effectively maximizes results while minimizing harmful side effects. A web-based application remotely manages the informed consent process, enrollment, and randomization of participants while allowing them to report their health outcomes throughout the study from the comfort of their homes.