Newsletter | March 16, 2020

03.16.20 -- Wearables & Big Data In Clinical Trials -- Where Do We Stand?

Featured Editorial
Are You Missing Out On Critical Adverse Event Information?
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

If you are not using a patient-reported outcomes tool, you may be missing out on critical adverse event information. Learn how one clinical trial physician discovered what information was being missed and created a tool to fix the problem. 

Wearables And Big Data In Clinical Trials: Where Do We Stand?
By Yvette Jansen, Grant Thornton

While the use of wearables and AI tools creates the potential to simplify and streamline clinical research, it also highlights the need to similarly simplify existing processes, roles, and systems in life sciences companies.

Industry Insights
Learn How User Research Boosts Clinical Trial Website ROI
Article | By Darcy Grabenstein, TrialScope

What’s CRO and what’s it got to do with clinical trial engagement and recruitment? No, it’s not clinical research organization. In digital marketing, CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, and it’s an important part of any online marketing strategy.

Understanding The Challenges And Benefits Of Just-In-Time Labeling
Article | By Leah Tufts, Bellwyck Pharma Services

Just-in-time (JIT) labeling is the most efficient solution to ensure studies receive the drugs they require and without waste. When properly executed, JIT labeling optimizes the clinical packaging and labeling processes while adding flexibility into the supply of drug product.

CROs Are Leading The Charge In New Clinical Trial Technology
Article | By Jim Reilly, Veeva Systems, Inc.

Contract research organizations (CROs) are continuing to lead the industry in improving clinical trial performance. Learn about the role CROs are playing in driving the industry forward in this blog.

What Clinical Teams Should Know About Changing Trial Logistics
White Paper | Thermo Fisher Scientific

When it comes to clinical supplies, the journey is every bit as important as the destination and the price of failure is high. This paper discusses how supply logistics are changing and contains examples of how Fisher Clinical Services is deploying flexible solutions to ensure secure, efficient, and cost-effective passage of clinical supplies.

Three Keys To Successful Global Sample Processing
Webinar | LabConnect

Sample preparation and processing are crucial steps in immuno-oncology, cell-based and gene therapies, and diagnostics. In this webinar we discuss proper sample collection and transport, leveraging a global network of labs vetted for high-quality processing, and successful delivery to essential global storage for all sample types.

Almac’s Webinar Series: Clinical Trial Supply And Technology
Webinar | Almac Group

Download Almac’s on-demand webinar series that discusses the multitude of efficiencies gained when harmonizing the clinical supply chain and tips for simplified supply planning. Follow the life cycle of the physical clinical supply chain from bulk manufacture to destruction, demonstrating the effective use of integrated digital systems for site, drug, and patient management.

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