Article | July 16, 2018

What Are The Full Implications Of The eSource Revolution?

Source: Medrio
What Are The Full Implications Of The eSource Revolution?

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is now standard in the clinical research industry. It has alleviated the headaches of sponsors and CROs alike by streamlining data collection and expediting the time to market for new medical products. Now, eSource is further facilitating the clinical trial process by removing the burdens of paper-based data management at the site level.

Still, some may not realize how much of a game-changer eSource really is. It’s not just the convenience of having information in a lightweight tablet or that sites have more technology. It’s not simply EDC for sites.

Utilizing eSource means vastly reducing paper storage, source data verification, and monitor travel. This means saving tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of researchers’ time. It also means achieving higher quality source data and increased overall productivity. Additionally, by enabling real-time remote data sharing, it equips organizations to thrive in a research environment characterized by international outsourcing and the resulting need to share data across larger distances.

This has huge implications for the entire clinical research industry. And while some reluctance to go digital remains, as more and more sites adopt eSource, the industry is poised for swift change and dramatic growth.