Case Study

What Successful eClinical Vendor Selection Looks Like

Source: Medrio
What Successful eClinical Vendor Selection Looks Like

Linear Clinical Research, a 32-bed facility in Perth, Australia, was using paper-based data capture and management for all its clinical trials. But the rapidly-growing company realized that if they continued with paper, they would not be able to realize the efficiencies they needed to continue their growth and continue delivering outstanding service to patients and study sponsors.

“We wanted to gain efficiency in the back end, dealing with what we call ‘administration paper,’” says Simone Knab, Digital Strategy Lead at Linear Clinical Research. “We wanted to focus on our staff's strengths, which are taking care of patients and facilitating a clinical trial, and not on copying forms and managing paper.”

Even before starting their search for an EDC solution, Knab and Linear were well aware of the benefits of EDC and were ready to eliminate paper. Those benefits include the ability to capture, clean and review data in real time, and to allow study monitors to remotely access and query data. Linear also knew it wanted a solution with a short implementation timeframe. “We did not want to take 12 months to implement something, because that’s a lot of effort and a lot of time,” says Knab. She acknowledges, however, that there was some skepticism among the staff about the decision to implement an EDC system. The Linear staff had only ever used paper, so she knew part of her responsibility would be to manage the change, which she did successfully by involving everyone right from the beginning of the process. Soon the staff came to understand the benefits of the new approach, and the skepticism disappeared.