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11.09.22 -- What Your Sites Love And Hate About DCTs


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Decentralized Trials And RBQM: Keys To Reducing Risk For Small And Midsize Biotechs

With decentralized trials on the rise, more sponsors are moving toward the implementation of RBQM. However, with trial complexity presenting potential issues, sponsors are left trying to figure out what really matters to proactively manage trial risks. Read about where the true value lies with RBQM and how to save valuable time and achieve milestones with confidence with the right partner by your side.

Decentralized Trials
What Your Sites Love And Hate About DCTs

For years, sponsor companies have had access to new and emerging technologies that would ease the participation burden of patients in clinical trials. While these emerging technologies helped sponsor companies keep their trials on track, they have also been a burden for the clinical sites having to deal with the changes required to keep up with them. Do you know where your sites stand on the adoption of hybrid trials and DCTs?

Top 3 Reasons Why A Direct-To-Patient Clinical Trial Is Right For You

Patient-centricity has been a growing trend across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for some time now. As the focus on precision and personalized medicine continues to increase, sponsors are looking for innovative ways to increase patient enrollment and compliance while reducing drug development timelines and costs. The direct-to-patient (DTP) model has emerged as a potential solution. 

DCTs Deliver Big ROI
In this white paper, Bhausaheb Patil, head of business operations for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) at IQVIA, shares recently completed analysis comparing the tech-enabled model to traditional study models and showing how DCTs delivered time and cost efficiencies at virtually every point in the clinical research journey.
How DCTs Differ Across The Clinical Trial Landscape

Whether virtually or in person, leaders emphasize that a holistic clinical technology platform is essential to enable decentralized clinical trials (DCT) today. Based upon the organization, clinical portfolio, and outsourcing model, DCT looks like many different things across the clinical trials landscape.

How Sponsors And CROs Benefit From The Shift To Home-Visit Clinical Trials

To aid sponsors and CROs in fully realizing the benefits of decentralized clinical trial methods moving forward, this white paper extracts the lessons learned from the pandemic and their implications for clinical trials now and in the future.

Solutions For Decentralized Clinical Trials

YPrime has the expertise to design and execute effective DCT strategies that take full advantage of the benefits of technology while meeting regulatory requirements and expectations.

Trial Management
The Impact Of The Russia-Ukraine War On Clinical Trials

While the export of lifesaving pharmaceuticals does not fall under sanctions for ethical reasons, all major pharma companies have vowed to stop new investments in Russia, including clinical trials. This author takes a "by the numbers" research look at the situation and analyzes where sponsor companies should reallocate clinical trials out of the affected region.

Key Considerations For An Effective Commercial Strategy

Find out the questions sponsors can ask to ensure they have the best chance to develop an asset with commercial potential.

A Global Cell And Gene Supply Chain Serving Personalized Medicine

Clinical distribution paths can be fragile for a multitude of reasons, making it critical that pharmaceutical sponsors and their partners orchestrate supply chain logistics even before site initiation.

A Phase 3 Study In Early Alzheimer’s Disease

In a recent Phase 3 study focusing on mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and mild Alzheimer’s disease, discover how recruitment was completed within 22 months, randomizing more than 1,800 subjects after screening more than 6,000 patients.

Preparation For Biotech Testing For Clinical Trials

In a clinical trial, proper planning of sample, testing, and data timelines helps ensure that everything can happen on schedule. Here are some considerations to make a clinical trial run smoothly.

Maximize Oncology Outcomes: Protocol Development Considerations

In this article, explore protocol development considerations to reduce patient burden and enhance the overall clinical trial experience.

Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials

When it comes to clinical trials in particular, myths are common. From the view that clinical trials are dangerous, to the idea that participants don’t know the details of a trial or the treatments they might take, false notions persist. Unpack these myths in this blog.

Optimize Your Research Site’s Growth And Financial Success

Explore how Elligo enhances the site financial process through streamlined, automated, cost-effective solutions.

Create Easily Understandable Summaries Of Results For Every Trial

Explore TransPerfect's total package for plain language summaries: writing, quality control, graphic design, patient advocacy, translations, and dissemination.