Newsletter | October 27, 2022

10.27.22 -- What's The Difference Between An IBC And IRB?

IBC vs. IRB: What’s The Difference?

Gene therapy research is exciting and full of promise, but because of the risks involved, it’s also highly regulated, requiring additional oversight by an institutional biosafety committee (IBC). The clinical research community is already familiar with IRBs, which also review risks. So, what’s the difference between an IBC and an IRB?

Does This Study Require IBC Review?

One of the fastest growing areas in clinical research are clinical trials involving recombinant DNA, or gene therapy research. Since many clinical research professionals are new to gene therapy research, learn why confusion is common regarding the regulatory requirements.

mRNA Clinical Trials: Key Regulatory Considerations

While scientists have worked on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) for years, their successes have enabled researchers to use mRNA technology to develop vaccines against a number of other infectious agents. Read this article for answers to questions about mRNA technology and the regulatory requirements for its use in clinical trials.

How Centralized IBC Review Can Benefit Gene Therapy Research

Gene therapy research is beginning to boom in the clinical setting. This blog summarizes the growth, risks, and regulatory requirements for gene therapy research and discusses how a centralized biosafety review process can be beneficial for this type of research.

Understanding The Current And Future States Of Cell And Gene Therapy Research

In recent years, the gene therapy field has experienced booming growth. This white paper focuses on gene therapy uses in oncology and discusses operations and infrastructure at a cellular immunotherapy program at a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center.

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