Webinar | June 19, 2019

Why Life Science Companies Are Moving To The Oracle Safety Cloud

Source: Oracle Health Sciences

Please join Oracle Health Sciences’ Senior Safety Strategist Marianne Savage and Consulting Sales Manager Mark Lee to learn why life science organizations are moving their safety applications into the cloud, and the benefits gained when compared to maintaining an on-premise environment.

The Oracle Health Sciences Safety Cloud provides safety case management via the Argus Cloud Service integrated with safety signal management via the Empirica Cloud Service. This end-to-end multivigilance cloud platform is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that goes far beyond simple hosting. In this webcast, the process and advantages of moving to the cloud will be demonstrated using a real customer case study, and you will learn how the Oracle Safety Cloud

  • Reduces your operating costs
  • Speeds up implementations and upgrades
  • Increases security and privacy protections