Newsletter | March 15, 2023

03.15.23 -- Why We Need Embedded Clinical Trials

Decentralized Trials
Boehringer Ingelheim Implements One Medicine Technology Platform

For years, Boehringer Ingelheim operated with a system composed of best-of-breed solutions from different vendor companies. After carefully evaluating the technology environment, the company decided to move from best-of-breed solutions to an end-to-end product development platform.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: A Win For Patients, Sponsors, And Investigators

Learn how the integral role of direct-to-patient services plays a part in the execution of decentralized trials and how sponsors can maximize these benefits to improve drug development.

How To Build A Successful DCT And Avoid Common Mistakes

The process of decentralizing a clinical trial can be complicated. When building a DCT, consider the critical planning needed to incorporate decentralization.

IRT And Direct-To-Patient Trials

Want to know more about the growth and expansion for IRT in the decentralized trial space? Witness how IRT is being used to support direct-to-patient delivery in this hybrid trial case study presentation. 

Technology Is Critical But No Substitute For Mobile Research Nurses

Explore why mobile research nurses make a critical difference in decentralized trials, whether employed exclusively or in conjunction with the latest technology.

Solving Challenges With Customized DCT Solutions

Address the challenges of running clinical trials with limited patient populations, particularly for rare and ultra-rare diseases, with this customizable and flexible virtual trial approach.

Trial Management
Putting It Into Practice: Why We Need Embedded Clinical Trials

Now is the time to embed elements of clinical trials within clinical practice, but why? Lindsay Kehoe, of Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), explains the benefits to intertwining the two and offers ways to making it work.

Leveraging Data For Budget Creation And Negotiation

During the start-up process of a clinical trial, one point of contention is budget planning and negotiation. Steer new trials toward long-term success with a data-driven, detailed approach at the front end.

Overcoming Challenges In Immune Oncology Trials With Advanced Imaging

Listen in as speakers review immunotherapy, discuss a range of current and developing approaches, and explore the unique challenges that the new treatment options present in a clinical trial setting.

Strategic Considerations For A Successful CNS Clinical Development Pathway

Dr. Beatrice Setnik, chief scientific officer at Altasciences, discusses tactics for a successful clinical development pathway for CNS-active drugs.

Safeguarding The Viability Of Pharmaceutical Samples Within 42 Hours

The distribution of critical cell samples requires an agile strategy with contingency planning and regulatory expertise to ensure seamless delivery on time and within specifications.

Global Advantage With Free Trade Zones In China

Understand how free trade zones work and explore a flexible and cost-efficient way to supply clinical trials in China and around the globe.

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